Surname / First name: Mario Barić
Address: Trnsko 48a, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
Mobile phone: +385 (0)98/ 371-148
Nationality:: Croat
Date of birth: 25.05.1984

Date: 1.09.2006 – 20.03.2009
Position held: Graphic designer (DTP), Photo and video production
Responsibilities: Designing graphic products (catalogs, brochures, business cards, posters, production of powerpoint presentations, image editing, layouts, making accreditations...
Employer: RSI Zagreb d.o.o., Odvojak A. Šenoe 9, Mala Gorica, 10431 Sv. Nedjelja, Croatia
Type of business: Multi Level Marketing, Catalogue sales

Date: 1.08.2010 – 31.08.2010
Position held: Graphic designer (DTP), Web design
Responsibilities: Designing graphic products (lables, stickers, catalogs, posters, packaging...)
web maintenance.
Employer: Stanić d.o.o., Slavonska avenija 22, Zagreb, Croatia
Type of business: Packing and distribution of meat and dairy products

Year:2002 - 2009 Organisation: Graphic Arts College, Zagreb
Title: B. Sc. in graphics technologies
Classification: College degree, B. Sc

Year:2009 - 2009 Organisation: Web designer - Algebra education center, Zagreb
Title: Web designer
Classification: Entry into the labor book

Year:1998 - 2002 Organisation: Middle school graphics, Split
Title: General Graphic Technician
Classification: High Vocational School

Year:2002 - 2002 Organisation: Graphics designer - Pitagora education center, Split
Title: A computer operator in graphic design
Classification: Entry into the labor book

Languages: Croatian, English

Technical skills: Understanding of all tehnical processes in graphics production, College and Middle school education. I have extensive hand-on experience in personal computers assembling, configuration and maintenance
Computer skills: Adobe: Indesign, Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, CorelDRAW,
HTML, Flash (Actionscript), CSS

Good organisational skills, sailing, scouts, amateur photo production, ballroom dancing.

Driving licence: “B” Category