I graduated in 2009 at the Faculty of Graphic Arts in Zagreb. I am primarily interested to the area of design, even though I have finished the technical direction at college and high school.

I had practical training at Slobodna Dalmacija newspaper, and later in the course of study I’ve worked as a graphic designer for 3 years for a company Royal Sales International Ltd. where I have done all the jobs involving graphics design; PowerPoint presentations, flyers, catalogs and prepress. One of my duties in the frim were as a official photographer and cameraman. In addition to graphic and web design I am interested in photography. I am fluent bouth speaking and writing in English language.

Design is something I wanted to do since elementary school, and one of my main goals is to learn and perfect myself in this area as much possible as graphics designer/web designer / developer). Precisely for this reason I’am constantly learning new things and new technologies. I’m independent in my work and I always try to solve all the problems I encounter. I am inclined to teamwork and collaboration with other people. Tasks I do are always done responsibly and accurately with my maximum effort, because I have never been half-hearted in my work . Everything I do, I do with my maximum. In my opinion every job is important enough to be done with the maximum attention and effort.

I volunteer as a graphic /web designer in several associations and clubs so I can use the knowledge I have, and improve and grow as a graphic / web designer in a industry that is developing rapidly. Working with you I wish to further professional advancement and development as a professional.

Mario Barić

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